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The pace of living and working in today’s society can be hectic. Juggling the responsibilities of family and work schedules can leave the body feeling depleted. Regular exercise, adequate sleep and a balanced whole food diet all play a role in supporting the body to maintain adequate energy levels every day. Sometimes, however, additional support is needed to help the body produce adequate energy to meet the demands of a busy schedule. On a deeper level, health concerns such as Chronic fatigue syndrome and post viral fatigue can benefit from supplementing with adrenal tonics and restorative herbs to help regenerate vitality and assist the body to adapt to daily stressors. At Fusion® Health we recognise that getting through the daily grind with ease can be a challenge, so we have developed formulas to support healthy energy production to help you meet the demands of a busy day.

Health concerns Common symptoms
Energy (low) Low energy , fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion
Chronic fatigue syndrome Constant fatigue not alleviated by rest, low resistance to infection, slow recovery, night sweats, lowered resistance to stress, muscle aches, poor appetite, irritability, weakness, reduced vitality, exhaustion
Mental fatigue Poor concentration, foggy head, slow response
Post viral fatigue Constant fatigue not alleviated by rest following an infection, low resistance to infection, muscle aches, loss of appetite, exhaustion
Dietary Iron deficiency Low iron levels resulting in fatigue, reduced stamina and vitality. Particularly vulnerable are pregnant & breastfeeding women, vegetarians, vegans, the elderly, women with heavy periods/menstruation, growing children and the elderly.

Here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about Fatigue

  • In traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is the ‘vital energy’ that invigorates and animates the body’s organs and their functions, a deficiency of Qi results in low energy and fatigue.
  • Throughout the day, the rhythmical ebb and flow of healthy Qi is regulated by the opposing forces of Yin and Yang.
  • Adequate Qi depends to a large extent on the body’s reserves of strong inherited (congenital) Qi called  Jing which is stored in the Kidney organ-meridian system.

Related Products

  • Astra 8® Immune Tonic - Strengthens resistance and promotes immune health. Tonifies Qi (energy) and assists with recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome or post viral fatigue.
  • CoQ10 150mg - Essential cofactor in energy production via ATP within the mitochondria of all human cells.
  • Energy - Increases energy production, reduces fatigue and lethargy, improves resistance to stress.
  • Energy Multi Advanced - A daily multivitamin and mineral supplement with Chinese herbs and CoQ10. Formulated to help the body achieve peak energy levels and physical performance every day.
  • Stress B Multi - High strength vitamin B complex boosted with Green Tea to support energy production and boost mental focus.
  • Kidney Tonic - Strengthens constitutional energy (Jing), helps address fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Multi Vitamin & Mineral Advanced - An advanced vitamin and mineral formula with antioxidants.
  • Iron Advanced - Premium organic Iron with co factors to enhance iron absorption and utilisation. Promotes energy production.
  • Iron Blood Tonic - A blood tonic formula containing premium iron plus herbs to support the 5 Yin organ meridian systems considered vital to building and maintaining healthy blood. Promotes energy production.
  • Women's Multi - A nutrient rich formula with therapeutic botanicals and optimal levels of essential vitamins and minerals, tailored specifically for the needs of Women. Supporting energy production, stress resistance, healthy ageing and reproductive health
  • Men's Multi -  A nutrient rich, synergistic formula with therapeutic botanicals and optimal levels of essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy male physiology and function.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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