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Supporting the male body through the ageing process

The health challenges facing men today are many and varied, with the likelihood of an increase as men age, generally due to a decline in male hormones.  Tackling these health concerns can be tough if you don’t have the relevant information. Here at Fusion® Health we understand the most common health conditions affecting men today.  We have combined current scientific data with thousands of years of empirical knowledge to assist in supporting the male body through the ageing process.

Health concerns Common symptoms or health requirements
Anxiety and Mood problems Constant worry, fatigue, sweating, mind racing, irritability
Libido (low) Reduced sex drive or sexual disinterest

Here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about Men’s Health

  • Your reproductive organs need a smooth flow of energy Qi (vital energy) to invigorate the male sexual organs.
  • A disturbance in Qi flow can predispose you to many conditions affecting men’s health such as BPH.
  • A healthy Kidney organ-meridian system is pivotal to men’s health especially during the reproductive years.
  • It is important to nourish both the Liver & Kidney Yin and strengthen Kidney Yang to eliminate deficient heat (hot flushes) and relieve andropause.