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Calming the mind and spirit for quality sleep

Insomnia and poor quality sleep can have dramatic effects on your mental, emotional and physical health. Frequent waking, difficulty falling asleep and dream disturbed sleep can cause you to wake feeling unrefreshed, tired and irritable.  Here at Fusion® Health we understand the importance of getting adequate rest and a good night sleep. Using traditional Chinese and western herbal medicine, we developed premium formulas with sedative and nerve relaxant actions traditionally evidenced to relieve insomnia and help you wake feeling truly rested.


Health concerns Common symptoms
Insomnia Poor quality sleep, restlessness and light sleep, dream disturbed sleep, frequent waking
Nervous tension Stress, irritability, mild anxiety
Muscle tension Muscle cramps and spasms, restless leg syndrome
Hormonal changes Menopause, night sweats, perspiration, flushing
Mental fatigue Mental tiredness, poor attention span, low energy


Here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about Sleep

  • In traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia and poor quality sleep are primarily due to a disturbance in the flow of Shen (mind and spirit). Shen regulates conscious awareness and settles in the Heart organ-meridian during sleep. Chinese medicine describes the Heart as the residence of Shen i.e. the organ-meridian system which channels Shen to the brain during our waking state and to which Shen returns during sleep.
  • The cyclical movement of Shen between the brain and Heart is part of the body’s circadian rhythm.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, symptoms of stress and worry are commonly associated with a disturbance in the flow of Shen (mind and spirit), which is strongly affected by physical stress, mental pressures and strong emotions.