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Supporting weight loss to help you stay in a healthy weight range

What do we really mean when we say ‘healthy weight range’? You may wonder if it’s a term derived from calculating body mass index (BMI) vs waist circumference, or is it based on whether or not you can still fit into your ‘skinny’ jeans. To us, a healthy range is where your weight falls comfortably within your height and bone structure. Healthy weight means minor fluctuations in the scales are normal, but you have enough energy to handle anything you need and want to do. Healthy weight reflects a balanced, whole food diet with plenty of raw vegetables and regular exercise, adequate sleep and sparing indulgence. Sometimes, we all need some additional help to lose that stubborn fat or unwanted kilos. Here at Fusion® Health we understand that, so we developed a range of products to promote weight loss, fat metabolism and improve energy to help you stay in a healthy weight range.

Health concerns Common symptoms
Weight loss Need help to simulate weight loss
Stubborn body fat Difficulty losing stored body fat
Low metabolism Poor metabolism of fat and glucose from foods
Overeating Irregular appetite
Body fat composition High proportion of body fat compared to lean muscle/lean body mass
Blood glucose imbalance Regularly in the high end of normal blood sugar range

Here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about Weight Loss

  • Traditional Chinese medicine, similarly to western herbal medicine, places  a lot of emphasis on eating small meals regularly, regular exercise (not to exhaustion), and drinking tea rather than coffee, soda or milk to help maintain a healthy weight
  • An excess of Dampness and Phlegm accumulation can lead to Qi stagnation and associated weight gain
  • Tonifying Spleen Qi and dispersing stagnant Qi is vital to mobilising stubborn fat stores