Movers and Shakers - Fusion Health

Fusion Health is proud to present Movers & Shakers, a celebration of everyday Aussies who are achieving big things by doing the little things – every day. 

Our bodies are amazing vessels that give us the ability to move, shake, run, jump, dance and swim, and these inspirational individuals see no reason to stop moving forward as they get older. 

Instead, they’re determined to keep their bodies moving so they can live active lives, maintain their passions and make meaningful contributions to the communities they’re part of - no matter what their age is.


Meet Ace our local Regenerative Farmer



Meet Shan and her Buckettes



Join us as we celebrate these Movers & Shakers, get a sneak peek into their unique stories, and hear their tips for how they move and shake their bodies, day-after-day, year-after-year.


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Know an active Aussie legend with a story to tell? Or do you consider yourself a shaker-upper when it comes to keeping yourself or others moving? 

We’d love to hear more! Head to our Facebook or Instagram page, and tag @fusionhealth or use the #movewithFusion hashtag to nominate a friend or (yourself!) to be the next Mover & Shaker in our series.