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5 tips for mastering your training regime

Feeling stuck in your current training regime? Want to take your training to the next level? Get on top of your game with these 5 tips from athlete and coach Mitchell Kibby.

Mitch is the co-founder and director of i4 Coaching, which teaches triathlon training principles and techniques used by the world’s best athletes. It doesn’t matter what your training of choice is, you can learn from Mitch’s holistic training philosophy. 


1) Get Tough Mentally    

Training your brain to overcome mental obstacles is just as important as training your body to overcome physical ones.  To improve mental toughness, you need to get to know the voice inside your head, notice when it talks and what it says. “I try to fit 5 minutes into my schedule every day to be with my thoughts. This allows me to tune into the messages my brain is sending to my body”, says Mitch. Without this awareness, our thoughts and feelings can linger and interfere with our reality. “I aim to maintain a clear and focused mind during my training, and once you get in the habit of doing this it becomes easier to carry this practice into different aspects of my daily routine. I treat my training like a meditation”

2) Set a Routine

Mitch says routine is the most effective way to make a lifestyle trend stick. If you have decided to start or get back into a training regime, make a habit of doing the same things, on the same days, at the same times! This may be a run, a swim or a yoga class. The routine will give you a chance to be organised and after 2-3 weeks you will be much more efficient with your training days. Be patient here and expect to maintain this routine for at least a month before you get too clever and make your training longer and harder. 


3) Build Your Team

Reluctant to train with others? Many people think that they need to be at a certain level before they can train in a group. If you’re not worried about leaving someone else behind at the pool, chances are they aren't either. Teaming up will make your training more enjoyable plus you will be more accountable for when you train and what you do. The social side of sport has so much reward and training with others will likely take you away from the voice that says, “I can't”.


4) Find A Finish Line

Triathlon training can be a lot of fun and the exercise is benefit enough. However, if you can get yourself to a race you won't be disappointed. There is something special about strapping on a timing chip and taking on the clock. Racing provides a buzz, some nerves and always a story. Committing to a race will keep the drive there in training and is a great way to get you out of bed when you just don't want to.


5) Find a supplement regime you can trust

If you want to perform at your best, it’s important to make sure that your nutritional status is at its best too. “Finding the right supplements to fit your training regime can be a tricky task as there is a magnitude of information out there. The first step is to clearly identify why you are taking them. Intense training regimes can increase the requirement for magnesium.  I commonly recommend magnesium glycinate to support healthy muscle function, relieve exercise-induced muscle soreness, and enhance muscle recovery after exercise.” For a tailored supplement, regime seek professional advice from a trusted brand, such as Fusion Health, which will ensure you are getting the best results.

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