A Unique Solution for Healthy Hair Growth

September 4, 2013


Fusion® Health Hair Tonic

This modern herbal medicine is formulated with traditional Chinese herbs and our proprietary herbal extract Phytofol® to promote healthy hair growth, colour and condition, including strength, volume and lustre.

Fusion® Health Hair, Skin & Nails

This supplement combines silica and the herbal extract Phytofol® with essential vitamins and minerals to nourish and condition hair, skin and nails.

We recommend Fusion® Hair, Skin & Nails be taken as a nutritional companion to enhance the benefits of Fusion® Hair Tonic.

Click here for information on the hair growth cycle.

Experience the best of both worlds from Fusion® Health

Watch the FUSION® Health Hair Tonic video below.

  • Emma

    I have thinning hair on my scalp, but I have also had laser hair removal on my legs. If I take these tablets will it then promote growth where I have had my laser?

    • Hi Emma. Thank you for your comment.The herbs in the Hair tonic formula do not differentiate between the hair on scalp or anywhere else on the body, so some people may experience hair growth in areas where they had laser therapy.

  • Isla

    Can this product be used whilst breastfeeding? Thanks

    • Hi Isla. The Hair tonic or the Hair, skin and nails formulas are not recommended during breastfeeding. We recommned the Women’s balance formula for new mums who are experiencing hair loss after giving birth. Please contact us on the personalised advice form for more information.

  • delwar

    hi I have been taking this medicine
    it’s working on me honestly
    can I take any other olive leaf extract medicines for immune system while I am taking fusion hair tonic or shouldn’t I take any other medicines while I take fusion hair tonic

    • Hi Delwar. You can take other herbal formulas while you are taking Fusion Health Hair tonic. If you have further questions please contact us on the personalised advice form.

  • maddie

    Hi can the hair skin and nails formula be used to help with eyelash growth. all my eyelashes have fallen out and the ones that have grown back you can hardly see

    • Hi Maddie. Yes you can use the Fusion health Hair, skin and nails formula for any type of hair loss including eye lashes. I would also recommend to use the Hair tonic in conjunction. Please contact us on the personalised advice form should you require more information.

  • ish

    I took fusion for 6 months my hair grew back. After 3 months off treatment hair fell out. I was told by another user that one needs to take it permanently. I think this is the case in my experience.

    • Hi Ish. Thank you for your feedback. The Hair tonic can be taken long term, however we don’t recommend to take it permanently. Ideally investigating the cause of hair loss and treating it accordingly can help you achieve long lasting results. You can contact us directly for further information.

  • ish

    Not correct. After time off fusion hair fell out.

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    Hi my son has Alopecia universalis he is 6 years old. his hair falls at the age of 2. is it possible to regrow his hairs. thanks please reply…

    • Erika – Fusion Health

      Hi Ghulam. We do have a very good feedback from our customers using Hair tonic however we can’t guarantee your son’s hair will grow back again. You can check our testimonial page or Facebook page. He can try 1 capsule of the Hair tonic once or twice daily. If he can’t swallow capsules you can open it and mix the content with food or little honey. I would also recommend to work with a functional medicine practitioner if possible, who may help with underlying causes of your son’s hair loss.

  • Anna

    Hello, can you tell me if its ok to use the hair, skin and nails on its own all I’m looking for is stronger and longer nails. If not then can you recommend a product to use. Thanks

    • Erika – Fusion Health

      Hi Anna. You can use the Hair, Skin & Nails formula on its own to help improve the quality and growth of your nails.

      • Anna

        Thanks do you know how long it will take to see improvements in my nails?

        • Erika – Fusion Health

          Hi Anna. It is difficult to put a timeframe on how quickly you may see improvements. Everyone is different. On average it may take around 12 weeks or longer for the new nail to grow.

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  • celeste

    Hi, I have had hair extensions for many many years and I am losing a little bi at the side of my head (its thining from the tension on the beads I had years ago) will your hair tonic and hair skin and nails product help thicken up that area? thanks

    • Erika – Fusion Health

      Hi Celeste. The Hair Tonic and the Hair, skin & nails can be used for any type of hair loss and it can help to improve the quality of the hair. For more information see product page or contact us directly via product advice form or phone.

  • celeste

    Can you take the fusion hair tonic as well as silica tablets?

  • Erika – Fusion Health

    Hi Celeste, yes you can take silica and the Hair Tonic formula together. We recommend the Hair, Skin & Nails formula from our range along with Hair Tonic, which contains silica and other nutrients to help support normal hair growth and condition.

  • Melanie Cattin

    I have just started to take the hair tonic. But actually I am not losing my hair, I don’t have any problems with my hair, but I just want to make them longer. and growing faster. I alw
    ays wanted to have very long hair.
    Is it good for me to take these pills?
    What is going to happen when I will stop taking them?

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