Fusion® Health Launches Weight Burn Product to support healthy weight Loss and help people who’ve lost weight avoid putting it back on

April 4, 2014


Fusion® Health has launched their latest product Weight Burn, a high-potency standardised Green Coffee and Green Tea extract, to assist weight loss* and help people who’ve successfully lost weight avoid putting it back on again.


This month Fusion Health launched new Weight Burn with Thermolean™ an exclusive high-strength, decaffeinated Green Coffee extract standardised to provide 47.5% chlorogenic acids (CGA).


In announcing the new Weight Burn product, Fusion® Health Technical Director Paul Keogh explains how high potency, standardised Green Coffee together with Green Tea extracts are scientifically researched to assist weight loss by promoting thermogenesis (the generation of heat in the body), which in turn promotes energy expenditure (the burning of calories / kilojoules for fuel).


For example, in a clinical study involving people who were slightly-to-moderately overweight, those who took CGA from Green Coffee in doses similar to those found in Fusion® Weight Burn for 12 weeks were shown to experience (on average) triple the weight loss of those taking a placebo1.


Mr Keogh highlights the benefit of combining Green Coffee chlorogenic acids from Thermolean™ with catechins from Green Tea, which may provide additional weight loss support and as potent antioxidants, may also help to offset the cumulative cellular damage that can result from free radical activity.


New Weight Burn harnesses the power of Green Coffee together with Green Tea, and is set to deliver natural assistance for people wanting to lose weight or avoid regaining kilos they’ve lost in the past.


As a guide to retail partners, Fusion® Health advises that Weight Burn combines well with other successful formulas in the range like Weight Loss for added benefit. Weight Loss should be taken before meals and Weight Burn after meals.


Fusion® Health Weight Burn tablets are now available in health food stores throughout Australia.


*When combined with regular exercise and a calorie-controlled diet in normal healthy individuals.

  1. Thom E. J Int Med Res 2007;35:900



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