The Gift of Wisdom Meeting Women


While the phrase ‘Women’s Health’ is often used as a blanket term that covers many conditions that can affect the female reproductive system, Fusion® maintain women’s health encompasses much more.

Rather than promoting a ‘one product fits all’, Fusion® have explored the influence various elements have on women’s health; diet, stress, lifestyle, life stage and the qualities of body mind and spirit as recognised by Chinese medicine. It presents practical advice with an individualised approach to Chinese herbal medicine and lifestyle recommendations for women’s health.

With this philosophy in mind, Fusion® health has announced the first print of their new “gift with purchase” booklet ‘Where Wisdom Meets Women’s Health’, available in health food stores throughout Australia.

Paul Keogh, Naturopath and Technical Director of Fusion® health, explains ‘we've put this booklet together to help you discover some of the ancient wisdom underlying the Chinese approach to health for yourself‘.

“Where Wisdom Meets Women’s Health” is set to inform and inspire women on their own path to balance, by presenting an individualised approach to Women’s Health within the context of Chinese Philosophy, which underpins the Fusion® formula range.

For a copy of the Fusion® health gift with purchase booklet ‘Where Wisdom Meets Women’s Health’ visit participating health food stores while stocks last.

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