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Harness Your Immune System for Better Health

Cough-Lung-blog-shutterstock-small My immune system can deal with most things, but I know it can do better.


I never quite knew how to feel about my maths report card; "A" for effort and "C" for attainment. Apparently trying my hardest reaped mediocre rewards….Curiously my parents were not concerned at all, so long as I tried my best, we would meet the report card each time we passed the fridge. This gap in effort and achievement made me wonder if I could ever do better, since an "A" was as hard as I could try. Maybe the same amount of effort could reap better rewards later? According to my teacher, yes it could, thanks to my potential. Teachers mention potential a lot; the capacity to do better.

Potential is interesting. Not because I care what mark I could actually get in maths, but for the unknown things that could be; a spark waiting to grow into something unconfined by expectations.  The possibility is there I just have to access it, and maybe it doesn’t come from working harder at all, but from working smarter.

We test our immune potential when the battle is on; between us and a "sore throat causing bacteria" or "flu causing virus". The emerging illness is an outcome of a dynamic interaction between us and them. My immune system is perfectly equipped to deal with invasions; white blood cells to recruit, antibodies at the ready, everything is waiting. Dodging winter infections is not just about avoiding colds and flu, but feeling really well, and it all comes down to how I use my immune potential. Each winter I dip into this potential and see what she can do.

Harnessing potential accesses the full power of my immune system, and directs it against the pathogen before a cold or flu progresses. More than an "A for effort", harnessing potential can reap better rewards over time. With good recovery and restoration I can improve my stamina and vitality throughout winter. I am more optimistic of this than I am of any future maths results….

Peita Handel


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