New Product Fusion Health Hair, Skin & Nails with Phytofol and high strength Silica


Fusion® Health launches a nutritional formula as a companion to their very successful hair growth tonic.

This week Fusion® Health launched Hair, Skin & Nails, a formula developed to nourish and condition hair, skin and nails. This supplement combines a high dose of silica and the herbal extract Phytofol® with essential vitamins and minerals.


In announcing the launch of Fusion® Health Hair, Skin & Nails formula in Australia, Fusion® Health Technical Director Paul Keogh referred to the company's unique insight into the three phases in the hair growth cycle. Hair growth is promoted by increasing the numbers of normal, healthy hair follicles in the anagen (growing) phase of the hair growth cycle.

For this reason the new Fusion® Health Hair, Skin & Nails as well as the very successful Fusion® Hair Tonic are formulated with Phytofol®, a proprietary extract of an ancient Chinese herb (Fallopia multiflora) traditionally taken to nourish Liver Blood and replenish Kidney Essence (Jing), which regenerates and nourishes the hair follicle, promoting a normal hair growth cycle.

Fusion-Health-Hair-Tonic-Banner Fusion® Hair Tonic promotes hair growth and condition while the new Hair, Skin & Nails is recommended as a nutritional companion to enhance the clinical effects of Hair Tonic.

The recommended dosage for Fusion® Hair, Skin & Nails is 1 tablet daily for adults or half tablet daily for children 6-12 years.

The Fusion® Hair, Skin & Nails formula is now available in health food stores throughout Australia.

For further information on the hair growth cycle, alopecia, hair loss or how the Fusion® Health hair growth formulas combine for enhanced clinical effects, visit the Hair health category page.


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