New Product Fusion Health Hair, Skin & Nails with Phytofol and high strength Silica

September 6, 2013


Fusion® Health launches a nutritional formula as a companion to their very successful hair growth tonic.

This week Fusion® Health launched Hair, Skin & Nails, a formula developed to nourish and condition hair, skin and nails. This supplement combines a high dose of silica and the herbal extract Phytofol® with essential vitamins and minerals.


In announcing the launch of Fusion® Health Hair, Skin & Nails formula in Australia, Fusion® Health Technical Director Paul Keogh referred to the company's unique insight into the three phases in the hair growth cycle. Hair growth is promoted by increasing the numbers of normal, healthy hair follicles in the anagen (growing) phase of the hair growth cycle.

For this reason the new Fusion® Health Hair, Skin & Nails as well as the very successful Fusion® Hair Tonic are formulated with Phytofol®, a proprietary extract of an ancient Chinese herb (Fallopia multiflora) traditionally taken to nourish Liver Blood and replenish Kidney Essence (Jing), which regenerates and nourishes the hair follicle, promoting a normal hair growth cycle.


Fusion® Hair Tonic promotes hair growth and condition while the new Hair, Skin & Nails is recommended as a nutritional companion to enhance the clinical effects of Hair Tonic.

The recommended dosage for Fusion® Hair, Skin & Nails is 1 tablet daily for adults or half tablet daily for children 6-12 years.

The Fusion® Hair, Skin & Nails formula is now available in health food stores throughout Australia.

For further information on the hair growth cycle, alopecia, hair loss or how the Fusion® Health hair growth formulas combine for enhanced clinical effects, visit the Hair health category page.


  • Debbie

    I have been taking a daily Fusion Hair, Skin & Nails tablet for thinning hair and brittle nails for a several weeks now and have been getting night sweats and insomnia. When I stop taking the tablets I don’t have any night sweats and my sleep improves. Does anyone have the same concern?

  • Steve

    Is it save to use Hair Tonic and Hair, Skin and Nails when trying for a baby?

    • Hi Steve. The formulas are safe for a male to take while trying for a baby, but if a female is using these formulas we recommend to stop use as soon as she could be pregnant.

  • Rach

    Hi, when is the best time of day to take this? On an empty stomach, with breakfast or lunch/dinner? Not sure!

    • Erika – Fusion Health

      Hi Rach. The Hair tonic can be taken with or without meals twice daily. If you have a sensitive stomach, take it after meals. We normally recommend 1-2 capsules twice daily. The Hair, skin & nails should always be taken after a meal, ideally breakfast or lunch.

  • topnaturalhair

    This is lovely post.Can this product be used for hair fall problem.Can you please clear me this product have any side effect or not.I am also suffering from hair problems so please tell me it is beneficial. fusion hair extensions> styling treatments, products and hair tools using only the leading brands.

    • orientalbotanicals


      • orientalbotanicals

        The Hair Tonic can be used for any type of hair loss. we recommend to contact us directly through our advice form so we can better understand what hair problem you are experiencing. There are no expected side effects when using the product, providing you are not on any medication that is contraindicated with this product or have underlying digestive problems.

  • Divina

    Which one is best to make hair grow faster? I’m trying to add length after a bad haircut, the condition is good still.

    • Erika – Fusion Health

      Hi Divina. We recommend the Hair tonic to help improve the hair growth and the condition of the hair. You can find out more about the product on the product page or contact us via phone or expert advice form for any further information.

  • Jackie Port McCauley

    Hi – I it was recently mentioned to me that the Fallopia multiflora can cause liver damage. Your hair tonic has always worked great for me so I just want to make sure
    . I am also on Levoxyl now so I was wondering if that was ok too. Thanks.

    • Erika – Fusion Health

      Hi Jackie. We do have a warning on the product label. Fallopia multiflora may harm the liver in some people. Use under the supervision of a healthcare professional. If you are not experiencing any adverse reaction there is no reason for concern. The Hair tonic can be taken when you are on Levoxyl, just make sure you are taking it 2 hours away from your medication. We also recommend working with holistic practitioner who can help you address the underlying causes of your symptoms. You can contact us directly via phone or Expert Advice form if you have any further questions.

  • elisha

    I have just been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, I wonder if turmeric being anti flammatory would help my condition?

  • Tatiana Morales Bustamante

    Hi, I have been feeling that then top of my head is not having enough hair and in general is really thin. Which product do you recommend best hair tonic or hair skin and nails? Does it have any side effects? Is this product very natural ?

    • Erika – Fusion Health

      Hi Tatiana. The Hair Tonic is recommended for any type of hair loss as the main formula. The Hair, skin & nails formulation may be considered together with Hair Tonic for enhanced results. It’s a combination of herbal extracts, so yes it’s a natural product. There are no expected side effects when used as recommended. Please contact us via product advice form on our website for detailed email on the use and dosage.

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