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Supplements to support your New Year's resolutions

The holiday season is over, and it’s time to embark on those commitments you’ve made to improving your health this year. We’ve put together a list of our favourite supplements to help you get there.

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Now that the holiday period is officially over, it’s time to get serious about the health and fitness goals you committed to when deciding on your New Year’s resolutions!

Whether you’ve decided that this is the year you’ll slim down, get more active, or give your body some TLC after the holiday frivolities, here are a handful of herbal and nutritional supplements that might just help you along your way.


weight loss supplements

Support healthy fat metabolism

If you’re looking for some metabolic support to go along with those New Year's resolutions, why not give Fusion Garcinia Cambogia Advanced a go? It's been specially formulated with chromium to help the body metabolise fats and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and also contains garcinia with 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), coleus and gymnema.

Lift your game with mighty magnesium!

Muscles understand its virtues, but do you? Fusion Magnesium Advanced Powder or tablets are a great way to support healthy muscle function. If you’re training a lot and your dietary magnesium intake is insufficient, taking magnesium can support exercise performance and help relieve mild muscle cramps and spasms. It can also help maintain electrolyte balance after exercise by balancing magnesium depletion as a result of sweating.

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Doing a detox?

Decided to detox after all the indulgences of Christmas and New Year? Taking a break from alcohol, increasing your water and veggie intake and generally cleaning up your diet are great ways to help. You could also consider taking Fusion Detox – it includes baical skullcap, which is traditionally used to aid healthy detoxification in traditional Chinese medicine.

Don’t forget your liver and digestion!

Your poor old liver and digestion may need some TLC after the holiday season fun. Fusion Liver Tonic contains milk thistle, used traditionally in Western herbal medicine to support healthy liver function and natural detoxification processes. Citrus peel is another herb in this formula, and is traditionally taken in Chinese medicine to relieve indigestion, nausea, excessive burping and abdominal bloating.