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Top tips to preserve your Qi and vitality

Have you checked in on your Qi lately? 

In Chinese medicine, Qi (pronounced 'chee') is the energetic force that drives all physical function, but it can easily become depleted. (HINT: Feeling tired is a sign of that!).

In this quick video, Maddie shares her top tips for preserving your Qi and keeping it happy and flowing. 

Try them out and get back to feeling your best self in time for the holidays! 

Qi is one of the most important concepts in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, and can be summed up as ‘life force energy’ or ‘vitality.

To keep yours healthy, vibrant and flowing, you’ll want to focus on having a healthy diet and lifestyle, with plenty of fresh food, fresh air, regular physical activity, and optimal amounts of rest and relaxation.

On the other hand, Qi can be adversely affected by overwork, stress, insufficient sleep, poor eating habits and lack of time to relax or play.

If your Qi becomes deficient, you’re likely to feel tired and may find it difficult to concentrate or get motivated.

So, if you’re feeling a bit low in energy or are having difficulty finding your get up and go, ask yourself whether you’ve been looking after your Qi, and if not, what you could do differently to give it a boost.

And of course, if you’re experiencing significant or ongoing problems with any of these issues, talk to your health professional, who can help identify what’s going on and help you make appropriate changes.