The Wellness Couch - QI, YIN, YANG, JING & MORE

On this episode we are speaking about all things Chinese herbal medicine and how we can use the wisdom of eastern traditions with the science of today’s western medicine.

Our guest on this podcast has been a true pioneer in the health and wellness landscape across Australia and the western world and joins us for the second time on the Go Vita podcast.

Fusion co-founder Paul Keogh began integrating traditional Chinese medicine principles with Western herbal remedies long before launching the brand in 1999.

He took this approach recognising that while the traditional Chinese worldview of how the human body works and what causes ill health is quite different to the Western medical understanding, it is nevertheless founded on profound ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time for thousands of years.  The range has since evolved to embrace other traditional medicines from around the world.

Today Fusion Health is Australia’s leading provider of Chinese and traditional herbal medicines in health food stores, and Paul continues to play a role in new product development.

On this episode we discuss –

  1. What exactly Traditional Chinese Medicine is.
  2. What exactly is Qi, Yin & Yang, Jing and what does it have to do with our health?
  3. What are the five elements of TCM and how does it impact us?
  4. How does TCM differ from western herbal medicine?

And much more!


This podcast was sponsored by Fusion Health and Paul is a paid brand advisor.

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