Where Wisdom Meets Women's Health


Free women’s health booklet now available in Australia from participating health food stores.

Do you suffer from PMS? Have trouble with hot flushes? Feel tired all the time, or like life is out of control?

Fusion® Health’s new booklet Where Wisdom Meets Women’s Health is packed with Chinese herbal wisdom and dozens of health and lifestyle tips to help restore balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

Receive your free copy (valued at $12.95) when you purchase Fusion® Health Women’s Balance™, Fusion® Health Menopause Free or Fusion® Health Stress & Anxiety at participating health food stores while stocks last.

Fusion® Health brings together the ancient principles of Chinese herbal medicine with the science of Western herbal medicine. The result is a range of modern herbal medicines developed to address specific health complaints.

Experience the best of both worlds from Fusion® Health.

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In a history dating back centuries, traditional Chinese medicine works to balance body, mind and spirit. In the same tradition, Fusion® Health Women's Balance™ brings together the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbs with the science of Western herbal medicine. This distinctive combination has been formulated with herbs traditionally used to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms that may include heavy or irregular periods, migraine and fatigue as well as mild anxiety and mood swings. Fusion® Health Stress & Anxiety has been formulated to relieve the symptoms of stress and worry, including mild anxiety, irritability and fatigue. In the tradition of Chinese medicine, these symptoms are associated with disturbance of Shen mind and spirit. Stress & Anxiety brings together the wisdom of ancient Chinese and ayurvedic herbs with modern science to reduce stress and mild anxiety. It also calms the mind and spirit and harmonises stomach function to ease indigestion and improve energy. Fusion® Health Menopause Free™ helps manage the symptoms of menopause that can include hot flushes, excessive perspiration, vaginal dryness and menstrual irregularity, while also addressing moodiness and mild anxiety. In Chinese medicine terms, Menopause Free™ works to restore Kidney energy (known as Qi), which is progressively depleted with age, and balances Yin and Yang.



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