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Providing nourishing relief and protecting the joints from inflammatory damage

Injury can occur at any age; however, inflammation and the associated pain of degenerative conditions tend to affect people as they get older. When injury occurs; specialised professional advice is necessary to determine the level of injury and to structure rehabilitation accordingly. The long term effects of injury and/or disease can impact everyday life and may present with stiffness, swelling, aching, burning, pain, weakness and inflammation. By combining the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with the most current scientific research, Fusion Health® have developed a range of botanical and nutraceutical products to provide nourishing protection to the joints , assist in symptom relief, promote healing and recovery and support bone and joint health.

Health concerns Common symptoms
Articular disk damage Pain and inflammation, joint stiffness, reduced mobility
Arthritis (osteo) Joint pain and inflammation, redness, joint stiffness, reduced mobility
Arthritis (rheumatoid) Joint stiffness, pain and inflammation, fatigue, heat
Bones (weak) Increased risk of fractures, low bone density, osteoporosis
Bursitis Inflammation, swelling, loss of movement, pain, stiffness
Cartilage (deterioration) Injury, poor cartilage repair, weakness, inflammation, stiffness
Gout Redness, tenderness, swelling, inflamed joint, joint pain
Joint Health (poor) Pain, inflammation, stiffness, swelling, reduced mobility
Joint Repair Injury, joint damage, weakness, stiffness, swelling
Joint Stiffness Reduced mobility, swelling
Osteoporosis Decreased bone mass & strength, brittle weak bones, increased risk of breaks and fractures
Sciatica Pain in lower back/sacroiliac region, pain and inflammation radiating down buttocks, swelling, heat

Here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about Bone and Joint Health

  • Internal disorders commonly involve Heat, Damp, and Cold and Wind, which may be blamed for causing blockages in the Channels leading to pain.
  • Kidney deficiency may cause problems with water regulation and may lead to pain in the joints.
  • Painful obstruction to the joints, head and pelvic organs can restrict flow of Qi (vital energy) and Blood.
  • An accumulation of Wind-damp in the joints is associated with pain and swelling.