Fusion Health Launches High Strength Zinc formula with Superior Absorption


Fusion® Health launches their latest product in Australia to support healthy immune system function, men’s health, reproductive health and healthy skin.


This month Fusion Health launched their new Organic Zinc Advanced, a product formulated with Zinc Glycinate, demonstrated for its superior absorption and utilisation by the body. This formula also contains the cofactors required for optimal Zinc absorption and metabolism, to support healthy immune system function, men’s health, reproductive health and skin health in particular.

Signs of low zinc include white spots on the nails, poor resistance to infection, slow wound healing, dull senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste), and reduced reproductive function in men and women. Low zinc is common in children, adolescents, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, and vegetarians.

In announcing the new Organic Zinc Advanced product, now available in Australia, Fusion® Health Technical Director Paul Keogh explains Zinc is essential for so many aspects of our health as it is involved in literally thousands of biochemical processes in the body.

Organic Zinc Advanced provides Zinc (50mg) and Vitamin C (1000mg) to support healthy immune system function and strengthen resistance to minor infections. This formula supports the synthesis of collagen and connective tissue to maintain skin health, support gut repair and wound healing.

Zinc is essential for men’s and women’s reproductive health and specifically required for healthy sperm development. It supports macula and lens health of the eyes, strengthens bones as well as providing important antioxidant protection for body cells. Vitamin C is integral to collagen synthesis, augmenting the benefits of Zinc for wound healing and skin health maintenance, as well as providing additional antioxidant actions.

As a guide to retail partners, Fusion® Health recommends that the Organic Zinc Advanced formula combines well with other successful formulas in the range like Astra 8 and Cold & Flu for healthy immune system function and Mens Balance™ for men’s health. Fusion® Health Organic Zinc Advanced is now available in health food stores throughout Australia.

For further information on this new formula or the full range of Fusion® Health products visit www.fusionhealth.com.au or call toll free on 1800 550 103 for expert product advice.


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