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Healthy Living Podcast - Maintaining Immune Health

Fusion Health Co-founder Paul Keogh was recently interviewed for the Healthy Living podcast series. The third podcast episode talks about maintaining Immune Health.

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INTERVIEWER: In this podcast we’re talking IMMUNE HEALTH. Paul, tell us what is the best advice you can offer when someone is frequently getting sick and taking a long time to recover?

Paul Keogh: As a medical herbalist and naturopath, these symptoms suggest the body needs therapy to promote a healthy immune system and support recovery during convalescence. In various traditional systems of healing including Chinese medicine, this is called tonic therapy.

IV: How can we help to promote a healthy immune system, and help strengthen resistance against recurring minor infections?

PK: When I practised as a medical herbalist and naturopath, I consistently found that incorporating Chinese herbal extracts into my formulas led to better health outcomes for my clients than formulating with Western herbs alone. Over time, feedback from my clients inspired me to close my practice and focus on creating products that combined the energetic effects of Chinese medicine with the rigour of scientific herbal medicine so that they could be available to all Australians. In Chinese medicine, herbal tonics are given to strengthen the body’s resistance mechanisms, especially those underpinning healthy immune function. This increases the body’s resistance to minor infection as well as stress. It also enhances vitality and supports recovery during convalescence.

IV: What are some of the symptoms to look for that our immune system may be out of balance?

PK: Common symptoms include lowered resistance to minor infections especially upper respiratory infections, recurrent sore throat, slow recovery, night sweats, fatigue, muscle aches, poor appetite, irritability and weakness. Chronic fatigue syndrome is sometimes diagnosed and here too, herbal immune tonic therapy may help.

IV: What about tips to help enhance energy and vitality when the immune system needs to build resistance?

PK: Chinese immune tonics invariably have offer effects, which improve digestion and elimination leading to enhanced energy and vitality. These benefits are facilitated by undertaking light exercise, taking adequate rest and eating nourishing whole foods such as stews and soups, during recovery or convalescence.

IV: And if our immune system is out of balance what aspects of health may be affected?

PK: Since our immune system is responsible for defending normal cells against infection, when the immune system is weak or out of balance the body can become burdened by foreign invaders and toxins. Depending on the individual’s genetics and innate predisposition, different body systems may be affected including Lungs, Liver, Kidneys and Heart. Fortunately specific herbal tonics can be beneficial in supporting the immune system to reduce the risk of recurring infection.

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