Mens Health: Covering all your bases

man-and-woman-running-healthy-lifestyles Ticking off a number of health issues all at once could be very handy for a man.

Men don’t tend to like shopping, generally speaking. My husband will buy the same item of clothing in triplicate so he does not have to return to the shops frequently, often without trying anything on to further minimise his shopping experience. He knows what he wants, buys it and then gets out. This may be true for a lot of men, but possibly also for other things men buy, especially when it comes to their health. Compounding men’s general tardiness at addressing their health needs (irregular visits to a health care practitioner for instance…) with their general distain for shopping, it’s no wonder the majority of health supplement purchasing is done by women.  This is confirmed by market surveys in Australia and the US, the world’s biggest natural supplement market. Do men think about their health like women do? Maybe men don’t notice health changes, or they just don't worry about them.  My memories of working in Health Food Stores are of men choosing their supplements quickly and generally the fewer products the better. Maybe men just like to keep things simple? Ticking off a number of health issues all at once (both current and possible future) could be very handy for a man; muscle strength, sexual performance, healthy sperm, energy, prostate health, hormone balance, cardiovascular health, good mood, mental performance and healthy ageing. My husband certainly wants these boxes ticked, but it needs to be easy. Fusion Health has created a new formula called Men’s Balance, for men’s health. This product fills an interesting gap in the health market, by covering all of the above bases at once for men. We understand that women have hormone imbalances, but men with excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT) who experience male pattern baldness or enlarged prostate can also do with a little hormone balance. DHT is needed in the body but must be kept in balance with testosterone to maintain good health. The herb Saw Palmetto helps keep DHT and testosterone in balance, as does a number of Chinese herbs and specific nutrients like zinc, selenium and pumpkin seed oil.

Did you know men lose zinc with each ejaculation? More sex means more zinc is required, not just for fertility and sperm health, but zinc is also important for healthy immune function, antioxidant actions and balancing hormones. Aphrodisiac and mood supporting herbs like Horny Goat Weed and Morinda, teamed with the heart healthy herb Black Figwort, make for a feel good combination of time-tested, Chinese herbs to balance men’s physical and emotional health.  Fusion Health Men’s Balance covers all the bases, making it easier to balance lots of health issues at once. I still however, envisage my husband buying 3 bottles at a time, besides –he has better things to be doing than go shopping….

Peita Handel


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