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Winter Health: A Chinese herbal medicine approach


A cold, flu, runny nose and sore throat are the outcomes of a battle raging between the immune system and an invading pathogen (bacteria or virus). Who wins depends on a number of factors...

One of these factors according to Chinese medicine is expressed in terms of healthy Qi, a Chinese health concept, which underpins the Fusion® range. This herbal approach focuses on the relationship between pathogenic forces (pathogenic Qi) which invade and initiate infection and our immune system’s response (defensive Qi) which resists the infection.

Paul Keogh, Naturopath and Technical Director of Fusion® Health, explains ‘defensive Qi is a specific form of vital energy that supports your body’s resistance against disease. If it becomes deficient, you are more susceptible to becoming rundown and more prone to catching colds and flu’.

‘Herbal medicines can help to restore and maintain defensive Qi, support resistance against infection and promote recuperation after periods of ill health’.

Fusion® Health winter formulas support the immune defences during the three phases of infection.

The Fusion® approach to winter health:

1. Resistance phase – Strengthen defensive Qi

Suggested formula: Fusion® Health Astra 8®

2. Infection phase – Relieve cold & flu symptoms

Suggested formula: Fusion® Health Cold & Flu

Infection phase Address cough & strengthen lung function

Suggested formula: Fusion® Health Cough Lung Tonic

3. Recovery phase - Restore defensive Qi

Suggested formula: Fusion® Health Astra 8®

When describing the Fusion® Health Astra 8® formula Paul explains "both traditional and modern evidence demonstrates that the Chinese herbs in Astra 8 act as immune response modulators. Simply explained, Astra 8 supports the immune system’s ability to fight infection, promotes recovery during convalescence, and strengthens the body’s overall ability to resist disease.”

Fusion® Health maintains that using the right formula at the right time optimises Defensive Qi to help achieve the best health outcomes during winter.

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