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Infographic: How pure is your fish oil?
November 30, 2016
Fish oils are some of the most popular supplements on the market – and for good reason. The omega-3s they contain may help to maintain your heart health, relieve the joint pain and inflammation of mild osteoarthritis, and have numerous other health benefits too. Yet many Australians put little or…

How pure is your fish oil?
November 30, 2016
Are you taking fish oil? Fusion® Health’s co-founder Paul Keogh explains why it’s important to make sure you choose a fish oil supplement that’s made to the most stringent purity standards. What does fish oil do? Over the past 40 years, an enormous body of scientific research has been published…

Strengthen your kidneys
March 5, 2013
In Chinese medicine, the Kidney (organ-meridian system) is considered the foundation for good health and vitality. Medical herbalist, Paul Keogh explains how a range of herbal tonics can be used to support kidney function and strengthen Kidney energy to encourage optimal life expectancy. View PDF First published by Go Vita…