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Dark chocolate bark


Dark chocolate-orange bark with almonds

Looking for an excuse to eat more dark chocolate? We’ve got just the recipe for you! This dark chocolate-orange bark sprinkled with almonds is a healthy after dinner treat. With health benefits from the antioxidant-rich cocoa beans to being a nutritious source of minerals and the mood-boosting amino acid tryptophan, you can’t go wrong.

Iron-Rich Spinach Lasagne


Iron-rich spinach lasagne

Are you looking to boost your iron levels to give you some extra spring in your step? This delicious spinach lasagne packs an iron punch including iron-rich spinach, silverbeet and cannellini beans. Enjoy with a side of broccoli, and you’ve got yourself one vegetarian meal that’s both mouth-watering and high in iron. It’s a win-win.

Iced vovos


Homemade iced vovos

Who doesn’t love a good old Iced Vovo biccie with a hot cuppa? If you grew up in Australia, these popular biscuits might be one of your fondest childhood memories as they made an appearance at many birthday parties and afternoon teas. And they’re still going strong today! Try these homemade Iced Vovos for a different take on this classic biccie.

Healthy Homemade Ramen


Healthy homemade ramen noodle soup

This healthy take on a ramen noodle soup is the perfect meal for a cold winter’s night. It ticks all the Chinese medicine boxes for winter with the warming and pungent flavours of garlic, ginger and chilli. Plus, the shiitake mushrooms are a great source of nutrients like vitamin D, selenium and B vitamins. Best of all, it’s an easy recipe to make at home.