Hair Tonic

Hair Tonic

This medication may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professioinal."

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Concerned that your hair is falling out, getting thinner, or is dull, brittle and prone to split ends?

Features and benefits

  • Fusion Hair Tonic combines Phytofol (Fallopia multiflora) with other ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to promote healthy hair growth.
  • May aid in the management of mild or uncomplicated alopecia (hair loss) and general thinning of the hair based on use in TCM.
  • Contains herbs traditionally used to address poor or declining hair condition (including hair thinning, premature greying, split ends, and dull, weak or brittle hair) and to help restore hair strength, volume (thickness), shine and colour in TCM.
  • Visible results are possible within 2-4 months, but may vary depending on the original degree of hair loss, condition of the hair, and/or underlying cause of hair loss.

How it works

In Chinese medicine hair growth and development is regulated by the Kidney and Liver organ-meridian systems, with Kidney Essence (also known as Jing) promoting hair growth, and Liver Blood directing nourishment to the hair follicles and scalp.

Low levels of either Jing or Liver Blood may cause hair loss (including male-pattern and female-pattern baldness), and/or cause the hair to become dry, brittle, or prematurely grey.

Fusion Health Hair Tonic contains herbs traditionally used to support, nourish and invigorate these systems in TCM, revitalising the scalp, and promoting healthy hair growth.

In addition, experimental studies suggest that the proprietary ingredient Phytofol®, an extract of the Chinese herb Fallopia multiflora, may work by regenerating and revitalising resting hair follicles to increase the number of hairs in the growth phase of the hair growth cycle. It may also help lower excessive levels of a hormone that contributes to the shrivelling or atrophy of the hair follicles..

For optimal results, we recommend taking Fusion® Hair, Skin & Nails alongside Fusion Hair Tonic.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. 


Each vegetable capsule contains extracts equivalent to dry:

Fallopia multiflora (Phytofol®) root 1g (1000mg)
Paeonia lactiflora (White Peony) root 700mg
Rehmannia glutinosa (Rehmannia) root 500mg
Angelica polymorpha (Dong Quai) root 425mg
Cuscuta hygrophilae (Cuscuta) seed 425mg
Cullen corylifolium (Psoralea) fruit 425mg
Ligusticum striatrium (Szechuan lovage) root 350mg
Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Licorice) root and stolon 175mg

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy or animal products.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.


Directions for use

  • Recommended Dosage:
  • Take 2 capsules once or twice daily.
  • Child under 12yrs: Take as professionally advised.
  • Maintenance: Take 1 or 2 capsules daily.
  • An extra dose may be taken as professionally advised.
  • Fallopia multiflora may harm the liver in some people. Use under the supervision of a healthcare professional.
  • During pregnancy, always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.
  • Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.


Fallopia multiflora may harm the liver in some people. Use under the supervision of a health professional. During pregnancy, always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

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In early 2007 I had began to lose several patches of hair from my scalp. I became extremely worried and distressed. I had seen a doctor who wrote me a referral to a dermatologist. Once seeing the dermatologist, he had diagnosed my condition to be Alopecia. The doctor provided me with a topical ointment which I applied everyday. After a month or so, the patches where the Alopecia had effected started to regrow. I was so excited however, after a couple of months the Alopecia would start again. Thus repeating the process of seeing the dermatologist to apply stronger ointments. This process went on for years, till a year in I was applying the ointment and the patches would not heal up. It was at this stage I had given up. One day I saw a nutritionist for diet and maintaining weight. During our meeting she noticed I had a patch of hair missing from under my Chin. I told her my history with trying to maintain it. She was shocked to hear I had spent hundreds of dollars trying to fix my current problem and recommended I try ‘Fusion Hair Tonic‘. I began taking the Fusion Hair Tonic late 2012 and within a month my Alopecia had greatly improved. It is now September 2013 and I have a full head of hair and have not had an incident. I am extremely grateful that I had come across the Fusion Hair Tonic and it had worked. I have seen random people in the street suffering from Alopecia and stopped them in their tracks and told them about the Fusion Hair Tonic. Thank you to the team at Fusion for this natural hair reviving product, please keep up the good work. Kind Regards,

S.U. from Berwick, VIC

My hair started to thin after my ex-husband became disabled while trying to hold down a very unsecure job with three small children. I became obese and then my husband wanted a divorce. Over 10-15 years or so my hair gradually became thinner until I completely lost my fringe and bald patches were appearing around the crown. Although I bleached my hair for years hairdressers told me there may have been an underlying problem for the hair to thin the way it did. Finally three years ago I decided to turn my life around. I lost 34kg, took up sport and yoga and tried with no avail other hair products sold over the counter. The situation with my hair became so desperate I was in the throes of applying for a personal loan to have a hair transplant when someone in a health store advised me to try the Fusion Hair Tonic. Within the first month I noticed a few specks along the hair line. Now four months later my family members noticed the fringe line coming back with sporadic hairs along the bald patches on the crown of the head. This product has been life changing for me and is bringing my confidence back. Thank you,

Rita from NSW

I noticed that I was starting to lose my hair and as a 23 year old male felt that this was too young to start going bald. My hair line was receding and my hair was thinning very rapidly and every time I brushed my hair I had hair falling out in my brush. I went to GoVita, Mrs. Watsons, a health food store and bought Fusion Hair Tonic. I started in mid‐February 2013 taking 2 tablets morning and evening. My hair stopped thinning out very quickly. Within one month my hair had stopped falling out and over the next three months my hair has stopped receding as well. My hair now feels thicker and fuller and much more healthy. I will be continuing to take FUSION HAIR TONIC and recommending it for hair thinning and hair loss.

Smith from Sydney

I just wanted to tell you that the Fusion Hair Tonic and accompanying multi vitamin has helped enormously! My bald patches have filled in, my hair is still thin but it’s definitely improving… Woohoo! I believe it may take quite a few months more to achieve confidence to be without my wig but as most people say – they are not aware that it’s a wig unless I tell them. Cheers,

Siouxi from NSW

1. Did Fusion Hair Tonic assist you with hair regrowth? Yes 2. How long did it take before you saw results? Noticed hair growth within 5 weeks 3. What dose and frequency did it take to achieve results? For the first 3 weeks 2 x 3 times a day. 4. What has been your overall experience of taking Fusion Hair Tonic? I started to grow hair on my bald spot 5. Are you still experiencing benefit from taking Fusion Hair Tonic? Yes. 6. Have the benefits you experienced been permanent or temporary? Permanent – the hair continues to grow. 7. Other than regrowth, have you noticed any other changes to your hair e.g. hair condition? It seems stronger. I have long hair, my partner used to complain about my hair being everywhere and I would notice it coming out in the shower, this no longer happens. Survey completed by M. Lockhart.

Lockhart from NSW

My daughter was doing her HSC in 2012 and took it very seriously to the point her weight dropped by 7 kilos. To paint you a brief picture the child only weighed 47kilos a tiny little thing, her diet was impacted in a big way that her hair, skin and nails were very badly affected by the drop in weight. As soon as she finished her HSC I went into your Go Vita store in Hurstville (Westfield) and spoke to a lovely lady that was more than happy to take the time to hear the grief of a worried mother. She was absolutely wonderful and so positive towards me. She also briefly explained a little about her experience and how the Hair Tonic helped her and advised me this could do wonders for my daughter as well. She started taking the Hair Tonic plus the Multivitamin together in late December 2012. It is now early February and the results have been astounding. My daughters limp and lifeless hair looks amazing just after 6 weeks of taking both products daily. She also cut her beautiful long hair into a (BOB) haircut. Initially her hair was waist long but what’s the point in having dull, lifeless hair to your waist when there is no shine or volume to accompany it and looks traumatized. She has seen her hairdresser in passing and he could not stop boasting about the remarkable change in her hair. He kept complimenting her on how full , healthy with lots of volume stemming from the root to the end of her hair has become. An amazing transformation (truly). My daughter replied to him that she was on the Fusion Hair Tonic which he knew about and said to her “in my opinion, you are taking the best hair supplement on the market”. So in closing I must congratulate you on an amazing product that has really worked for my daughter and the results speak for themselves. Fusion is the most trusted brand I have ever come across and now seeing it for myself I would not buy anything else. Kind Regards,

Athena from NSW

I would like to tell you all, that I have been suffering from thinning hair loss since being a teenage. I am a 48 year old female and I have tried many hair tonics, clinic programmes and countless hair shampoos and tablets. A naturopath at a health food store, told me about “Hair Tonic” from Fusion Health. I have now been taking “ Hair Tonic” for nearly 3 months and I am so, pleased with the results so, far. My hair is thickening, shiner and my crown area, which always looked bolding is now starting to look fuller. I highly recommend “Hair Tonic” to any females/ males who are suffering from poor condition. My family and friends are all starting to notice, the improvement and I am far more confident these days.

Teresa C from VIC

I am on my 2nd bottle (120 caps) of Fusion Hair Tonic and have been blown away by the results. The stress associated with a serious back injury resulted in substantial hair loss. Despite trying expensive serums, oils, shampoos, conditioners and even laser without noticeable effects, I had almost given up on finding a treatment for my weak, balding in patches, fairy floss hair. After viewing a story on Today Tonight showing the benefits of Fusion Hair Tonic, I purchased a bottle to try. My hair has become thicker, has body, bounce and shine which in turn has restored my confidence. My hairdresser of many years is in disbelief at the transformation. I will be eternally grateful.

Rhonda from VIC

I wanted to write to thank you for the Fusion Hair Tonic and let you know the great results I’ve been enjoying with this product. I have been taking it for over six months now and have seen significant hair growth in the last 3 months. I have a lot of new hair growth especially around my hair line and have even started seeing hair growth on a bald patch I have had on my head since I was a small child (around 6 years old and I am now 32!). I have tried several other hair growth vitamins prior to fusion and not had results with those. I am so pleased with this product.

Zarah A from NSW

It was April 2014 when l first noticed my hair falling out, in 3 weeks l was bald. l went to see my doctor who first shrugged it off until l returned and she saw for herself that l had no hair, at that point l was referred to a specialist who after performing several tests and a biopsy confirmed l had "Alopecia Universalis" this is the rarest form of Alopecia and involves full head and body hair loss which is irreversible. Yep devastation, tears and more tears, recluse and emotional nightmare. My husband was my savior he heard about FUSION - Hair Tonic and went out and purchased the first jar for me. l naturally took them at first to please him for going to the trouble of sourcing something to help me deal with this condition. The first month l noticed baby hair appearing on my head then at 3 months l had started to see real growth. Now 6 months after taking Hair Tonic l have a full head of hair, eyebrows are returning and YES l have eyelashes again, l know sounds silly to be excited about this but anyone who is or has experienced this type of hair loss understands how you feel when your face is a blank canvas. l started by taking 6 tablets a day and now as a maintenance program l take 2 tablets a day. This treatment has changed my life l now have hope again that l can be free of a wig and have my natural hair back which the specialist said would NEVER happen. To anyone with any hair loss issues l urge you to try the Hair Tonic, l have also recommended this to 2 other Alopecia friends who are also experiencing hair growth. l can't thank the guys at FUSION enough for this miracle cure. Please understand it may not work for everyone but l am the worst case scenario and here l am telling you l have defied medical statistics. l hope l have passed on some hope for anyone out there going through this difficult time in your life - it's NOT only hair it's about self confidence and Hair Tonic can restore that confidence back, l wish you good luck. Helen


My hair had been completely ruined by continual hair colouring after going from blonde to black to blonde again. My hair was breaking off and falling out, porous, dry, completely damaged. No matter what I did nothing seemed to be working. I had literally tried everything from salon products only, various treatments and masks as all "highly recommended" by hair dressers, many different home remedies for hair growth and treatment, washing hair less often, less heat on hair and so on. In desperation I went into my local health food store asking for help. They recommended Fusion Hair Tonic and Fusion Hair, Skin & Nails. I have been taking the recommended dosage and in only 2-3 weeks I cannot believe the difference! My hair has actually grown and it is thicker! It feels amazing and I cannot believe how healthy it looks and feels. I'm not even using salon shampoos anymore so I know for sure that these Fusion products have been what's turned my hair around. I never thought that hair would affect my life so much, and since choosing to use Fusion Hair Tonic & Fusion Hair, Skin & Nails I have less worry and feel so much better about myself. My self-confidence and self-esteem is back!

hayleyj94 from Wentworth Point

Worked well for me. Saved me from going bald. This is the first hair tonic I used so I cant compare, but what I can say is it works for me. This is a very good product.

Thuy from Mawson Lakes